After Singing Praises, Oristefemi Comes Back To Blast Nigeria’s Big Boy, Otunba Cash

Could this be a period where loyalty is being ridiculed and dejected? Oritsefemi who has for sometime been lost in the music scene is back again but this time not for the music but maybe for the wrong reasons or maybe not.

A video circulated the internet yesterday showing Oritsefemi being sprayed stacks of dollars by an alleged fradster named OtunbaCash.

In a part of the video, Oritsefemi is seen singing the praises of the guy while he was being sprayed some money, he also called the guy his brother. But in the other part of the video which seems to be years after the other scene occurred, Oritsefemi is now seen lashing out the guy.

The guy who has been reported to be arrested in Turkey got lashed and ditched by the “Igbeyawo” crooner. Oritsefemi said in pidgin “Dem say me and one OtunbaCash, one thing, one thing. OtunbaCash since two years now, me and am no dey agree, people no know. This na person wey i fly go Instabul (Turkey). This na person wey i help open…e plenty. That guy go go jail, e no go come outside again. i dey tell you.”

Watch video below:

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