AKA Declares South Africa the Engine Room Of African Hip-Hop, MI Blatantly Disagrees

The battle for supremacy as to which is the home of Hip-Hop in Africa has been ongoing between Nigeria and South Africa for a while now. Many are of the opinion that Nigeria is where African Hip-Hop is being done the best while other large numbers of people also believe South Africa is where African Hip-Hop glows.

Still in the supremacy battle mood, South African rapper; AKA, just recently took to his Twitter page to proclaim that South Africa is where other African artistes look to for rap inspiration. He wrote; “because of @Tumemolekane I can proudly say that South Africa is the MECCA of African Hip Hop. There is no more room for debate. When it comes to this Hip Hop Sh!t… South Africa IS THE TOP FvckING LEVEL.”

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However, this seemed to have irritated M.I as he replied AKA’s tweet, writing “hold my beer,” suggesting he was about to go into another heated battle with the white skinned South African rapper.

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Do you agree with AKA that South Africa does the best Hip-Hop in Africa? Share your thoughts below.

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