Bobrisky Brags About His Slowly Growing Booty – This A$$ Cream Is Working’

Internet sensation, Bobrisky has been making quite a buzz in the last few months. With his continuous ostentatious display of wealth and non-stop bragging about his ‘bae’, the toning cream expert keeps leaving mouths agape in shock. Not only are people amazed by his transformation from dark-skinned to light, his shameless flaunting of his S3xual preferences, which he keeps denying, makes him a very relevant personality, especially for those who love a good laugh.

His latest achievement seems to be his growing backside, which he says is all thanks to a Bvtt-enhancing cream he’s been using. On one of his numerous twerking sessions, he proudly admired his own asset, claiming it was one of the reasons his ‘bae’ still loved him. Another occasion saw him caption a video:

‘This A$$ cream is working. I need to stop.’ Bobrisky recently showed off the derriere in a back view snapshot that showed the gentle curves perfectly, with the caption ‘D A$$’.



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