Femi Kuti Finally Breaks World Record

Femi Kuti has finally broken the WORLD record for the longest continuous note held on a saxophone, using the circular breathing method.

The Afrobeat legend broke the record, previously held by British composer Van Burchfield, yesterday night at the African shrine in Lagos.

Taking to this twitter, the Bang Bang singer shared the new world record he set: 51 mins 38 seconds, which topples Burchfield’s record of 47 mins.

“Done. Proven.” he wrote on his page.

Recall that Femi Kuti was prematurely celebrated last week for breaking the world record after his sister, Yeni shared on the news on her Instagram. It was later discovered that Femi had actually broken Kenny G’s record, not the world record.

The singer also clarified this during an interview published over the weekend. He however noted that he intends to take the world title from Van Burchfield.

“I did not break the Guinness World Record; I broke Kenny G’s world record. There is still another record” he stated. “I am going to attempt the world record on Sunday and if I don’t succeed this Sunday, I will try again the next Sunday.”

Well, the legendary singer broke the title as promised and it took just one Sunday!

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