With the fast rate that popular rapper , Olamide Adedeji , aka Olamide Badoo , churns out songs , some of his fans are understandably worried that his tap of inspiration may stop running at some point .

Olamide is arguably the Nigerian singer who has released the highest number of songs ( both his and collaborations ) in the past four years . Most of these songs end up as hits and this makes many wonder how the Bariga – born wordsmith makes it happen .

In an exclusive chat with Sunday Scoop , Badoo told ‘ doubting Thomas ’ that they have nothing to worry about because his spring of inspiration won’ t run dry anytime soon . He said , “ Whenever people say things like that , I just laugh . Talent comes from God and if you have it , then you have it . Even as I ’ m chatting with you , I can get inspiration for a song and I would immediately note it in my mind. As long as life exists and things happen on earth , I will always have the inspiration to sing . Music is life and life is music . If I were to release all the songs I have ever recorded , they would scatter the whole place . I work in the studio everyday and there are many songs I have recorded that I am yet to release as singles or in albums . ”

Speaking on how he has been to able to remain relevant , Olamide said , “ Most importantly the grace of God that has kept me . I don ’ t do this by my power or might. I also go with the flow and keep my ears on the ground . I know about the new slangs that are spoken on the streets and sometimes, I turn them into songs , which resonate with people because they can identify with the content of the song . ”

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