Nigerian Student Pens An Open Letter To Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola [Must Read]

Mr. Governor sir, Let me start this message by calling you with a phrase that should normally be ascribed to you but you don’t like to be called, ‘Your Excellency’

I started intentionally with the phase because I could still remember some of your words and statements in the speech you gave when you were been sworn in as the governor of the State of the ‘living spring’ on the 27th of November 2010.

Though I was then very young, not even an eligible voter but as an ardent follower of your administration and a non-repentant lover of your personal self, I still remember or let me say I’ve heard or read many of the things you said then, all because I follow you almost on daily basis with keen interest.

One of the point you made that day was that your administration would be an ‘unusual one’. Truth to your words, it has been an unusual one in all ramifications, your achievements and legacies are new to the shore of politics and governance in Nigeria.

Your wrongdoings and perceived failures are also unusual, little wonder your ardent critics criticise you in an unusual way that would sometimes make a sane mind thinks insane, isn’t that unusual too???

All said and done, you are in the 7th year of the maximum 8 years you will use to govern the ‘ipinle omoluabi’, the good, bad and the ugly sides had been seen, there is nothing or at best, very little that can come the way of Osun indigenes from your administration and appears as a surprise.

To be exact, you have only 93 more weeks to be the ‘numero uno’ of this state and if we’ll have to face the reality, the Aregbesola that is known to us is more of a politician than an administrator and it is normal and not unexpected if you are at this point thinking about life after ‘Ogbeni’ and of course an adroit politician like you will surely not be thinking of life after himself beyond his political party and that is where I am going in this thesis.

While I am not writing this to give my voice to any of the political gladiators seeking to be the ‘capo di tutti i capi’ of this state after you Mr. Governor, I think it is necessary to as a matter of alacrity call your attention to one the multifaceted problems ravaging our great party, APC in nearly all the Local Governments in the state.

While I chose to believe that as the generalissimo of our party in the state, you must have heard about the various problems and swift to action in fashioning out a way to curb it, it is necessary to again tell you there is fire on the mountain and if the problems are not quench at the fetus level that they are, it may degenerate to an impossible to quench inferno.

The leadership crisis and contest for power and recognition among the political top notches is a big problem, it is however a minor issue when compared to the showdown going on among the various youth factions of our party.

As it is known that Nigeria population comprises of approximately 60% youths, the percentage is still very low when compared with the involvement of youths in campaign and electioneering process and that is why it is important to do everything that is necessary to keep all the youth factions together as one ahead of 2018.

The obstreperous character been shown by youths of our party especially on social media is getting out of hands and need to be assuaged within the shortest possible time, what many of them are waiting for and why the problem is still manageable is because your body language on who you want from the party to succeed you is not clear yet and once that is done, what follows would be for this youths to come all out with there arsenals to fire from all cylinders with their bandwagon and standby foot-soldiers and by then, it may be too late to save the situation no matter how you want to employ your God’s given gift of been a wordsmith.

Mr. Governor sir, there will be a moment where we’ll have to face the reality and the reality on ground now is that the problem we have at hand is one that is capable of decrepiting our party and because what most or these youths stand to gain from you at this time is limited, people have started moving on from been Aregbesola maniac, they are at this point more loyal to their leaders, pay masters and the person it seems they have a future with, what you need is not to feel bad about the situation but to rather appreciate them for the support rendered when you needed it most.

Either sooner or later (it’s even sooner as you don’t have the luxury of time again), it is expected that you come out plain and clear on who you will be supporting to flag the ticket of the party, of course then, there will be jibe and dart throwing at your humble self.

In order to avoid an Ondo-like situation which may sink the boat of our party as we have different political atmosphere compared to Ondo and it may be difficult to weathered the impending storm like Ondo APC did, it is pertinent you close ranks among various youth groups battling for supremacy now.

With nearly two years still to spend, it is reasonable to assign the project of resolving the crisis in our party to the leadership of our party especially when you still have the project of turning around the state to the toast of many as your primary aim and assignment, it however seems to be a problem too much for the leadership of the party to handle as the leadership of the party is even in disarray.

Let me end this by saying I have grown to believe that one of the joys of a political office holders is to find a worthy successor capable of taking off and continuing the sterling performances that may have been left behind by the predecessor and in other to see that your preferred choice succeed you or at worst, a member of your political party, it is necessary to arrest the problem at hand now.

A stitch in time saves nine so they say, a stitch in time and a swift to business may save the soul of our party sir. Do something before it is too late.

Please accept the assurance of my highest regard.
God bless You Sir
God Bless APC
God Bless The State of Osun
God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Oguntola M. Oyeniyi.
A concerned loyal party member.
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