See Photos: Vandals deface the head of Jesus Statue outside a church and take it with them

Locals and church members of the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship in Indianapolis, USA, are currently in shock after a concrete statue of Jesus installed five years ago, was defaced twice in two weeks by vandals, and the second time after defacing it, they took the head of the statue with them.
The statue was built by a daughter of one of the church’s members but on it’s first day after installment, it was knocked over by vandals.

The church fixed it up and thought there’ll be no more vandalism, but their hope was short-lived as two weeks ago the vandals returned and defaced the statue, the church members picked up the ‘Jesus’ head and fixed it back but the vandals came again and not only defaced it, but took the head with them. Police are currently searching for the vandals.

“The first time we put it up, they knocked it over,” Pastor Brad Flaskamp told CNN. The statue was put back in place and the church thought no more of it for years, he said.

“It’s still headless, we haven’t gotten it fixed yet,” said Flaskamp, adding that the rest of the statue remained standing outside the church. “Don’t know if we can.”

Flaskamp, however says he’s ready to forgive whoever did it if the person comes back with the statue’s head and asks for forgiveness.

“If whoever it is would come in and return the head and ask us to forgive him, we’d forgive him,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Source: WXIN/CNN

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