See the Nigerian Woman who Bought Her Man G-Wagon As An Apology Gift


Two friends shared the ordeal on Twitter, with photos and a video of the brand new G-Wagon as well as the apology note that was attached to it.

The note read simply, “I’m sorry. I love you.”

Plix, I’m looking for someone that will vex me and buy me Honda Accord: Evil Spirit… Plix, I’m more than ready to get angry at you!!

See tweets

So @Khuriouskitty and I are out having lunch minding our business then this random person gets gifted a G Wagon.

— Elite (@TriggaSoPopular) July 26, 2016


Elite @TriggaSoPopular

See the way we were screaming as if we were the ones who got gifted a G Wagon ?? cc @Khuriouskitty


So yesterday, the news spread like wild fire of an individual gifting his lover a brand new G-Wagon as a form of apologizing… well, new reports have it that the reverse is the case as it’s a lady who actually bought the gift and not a guy.

The car company that actually made the car delivery disclosed that the gift was from a woman, a very rich Nigerian woman.

They didn’t reveal the lady’s name as it is not professional – they say she bought it for her man and asked them to deliver it to her.




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